We remain committed to leaving you with a clean, safe and healthy environment.

Guelph, ON

Locally owned and operated

Guelph, ON

Locally owned and operated

New and Enhanced Safety Protocols and Precautions:

As a community, both locally and nationally, we've all been affected in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To the communities and customers we serve, we would like to reassure you that your health and safety, as well as that of our immediate staff and the staff of our franchise family, has always been our top priority.

Merry Maids is an Essential Service and therefore we are still open and ready to serve you. We have implemented many new safety protocols and precautions that are compliant with the preventative measures put in place by the Government of Ontario to ensure we’re serving you in the safest manner possible.

To learn more about the preventative measures put in place by the Government of Ontario, click here.

We are ready to help protect you and your family by providing you with a clean, disinfected home.

Continue reading to learn more about our new and enhanced safety protocols and our NEW disinfection services.

Safety and Disinfection Training

All of our team members have undergone rigorous training on how to keep team members and clients alike safe. The training includes:

  • How to properly don and safely remove Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • “No Contact” services which allow for social distancing
  • Enhanced Disinfection Services
  • Recommended hand-hygiene
  • Office interaction protocol

All of our team members will be wearing disposable gloves and face masks and are equipped with hand sanitizer.

We have introduced three new Enhanced Disinfection Services that have been developed to help fight the spread of harmful bacteria. We are using new disinfecting products and applications that have been designed following the World Health Organization and Health Canada’s recommendations. These hospital-grade disinfectants kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria or viruses. Our team members have been properly trained on the correct ways to administer these different disinfectants and the time needed to effectively kill germs. Supplies are replenished at the day’s end, while wearing proper PPE, and the areas used to replenish the supplies are disinfected afterward.



Our offices are sanitized and disinfected every morning and at day’s end. In-office gatherings have been suspended and social distancing measures are in place at all times. Team members receive daily health checks and anyone showing any symptoms will be asked to stay home. If you or any of our team members are feeling unwell, it will require a change to your scheduled clean.

We are working diligently to ensure our team members and clients stay healthy.

What Changes to Expect During Your Cleaning

We want to ensure that all of our clients are comfortable while we are in your homes. Therefore, we have developed a “No Contact” service. If you have special instructions or requests for your cleaning, you can provide those details to us over the phone or leave a note inside your door.

We will take the following steps upon arrival at your home:

  • Upon arriving at your residence, we’ll call or text you to let you know we’ve arrived, so you can unlock your door. (optional)
  • We will don our PPE outside of your home and gather our thoroughly disinfected cleaning equipment and supplies that have been prepared and packaged for each individual home.
  • Before entering your home, we’ll ask your family to seclude themselves in one area of the home, so we can clean the rest of it, allowing for proper social distancing.
  • Based on your specific needs, we’ll thoroughly clean and disinfect high-touch hard surfaces.
  • We’ll announce when we’re finished cleaning and then leave
  • Once we’re back outside, we’ll remove our PPE, following established guidelines for removal and disposal.

If you have any additional requests to help keep your home and family clean and healthy, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

Stay healthy and please reach out if there's anything that we can do for you!

To read a letter from our ServiceMaster President, Doug Hart, on the current situation and the changes to the communities that we serve, please click here.